Merge Wright: What's Your Favorite Sport?


What’s your favorite sport?

Can anybody afford going to professional sports events anymore? Players salaries, billion dollar stadiums, and then a profit for the big dogs (the owners). Will we have to pay $50 in the future to watch a game on television on our 75 inch super hi def TV. Some will opt to avoid the traffic, crowds, weather, etc., and just party in their man cave, family room, or garage. A family of 4 going to a Dallas Cowboys game needs $876 for the cheap seats, and then $35 for up close parking, beer $8, bottle of water $5, burger or dog $10, popcorn or peanuts $8. I think I’d rather spend the afternoon packing my canoe with a great lunch, a couple of ice cold waters or Pepsis and floating down the Little Miami river enjoying life the way it was meant to be. I know there’ll probably be a river usage tax to pay, clean up fee for the idiots that dump their trash in the river, security fee for cameras strategically located along the river to make sure I’m not boarded by river pirates, a Wifi fee in case I need internet access for my laptop while I’m floating and writing, a no texting fee in case some moron that’s texting wrecks my canoe and of course a wildlife fee to protect the errant beaver or frog that some one hits with their paddle because he’s been drinking and in a bad mood. After you add up all the fees you’re looking at $279 for a seven mile canoe trip. I think reading a good book while sitting on the patio with a chocolate milkshake might work better.

There’s still talk of a Star Bugs Bait & Tackle shop opening here in Springboro to catch the lake traffic on RT 73. Remember Star Bugs Bait & Tackle are number one with their 5cent night crawlers and the midnight fisherman’s extra value pack featuring: 12 burgers, 12 beers, 12 night crawlers, 12 minnows and 12 beetles for just $79.95. Remember Star Bugs does not serve cappuccino or lattes. Great idea guys and gals catch a concert at North Park in July, then head to Star Bugs for the fisherman’s extra value pack and a fun night on the lake. Personally I enjoy catching my fish at Dorothy Lane Market.

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