Merge Wright: Texting, sexting and nexting


Texting, sexting and nexting

Texting is cool. I use it often for quick comments or questions when I don’t have time to call and leave messages or get involved in long conversations about the weather, sports, politics, national news, local news, did ya hear abouts, and more. Much easier to text: “C U at 4 Rng L8”. (see you at four running late) I get answered back: “K”, standing for OK. Over and done with in seconds compared to a phone call that could last two minutes or longer. That’s my take on texting. Teens and many young people use it as a social network for staying in touch 24/7. 

Sexting, sending pictures or video of oneself half dressed, topless, etc., to others is a bad idea and only results in trouble. A new app for sexting dissolves the picture or video you send after 10 seconds. There’s only one problem. That gives the receiver 10 seconds to photograph or record your 10 second photo or video with someone else’s camera where it won’t disappear in 10 seconds. And the game plays on. 

Personally, I love nexting. You ask, “Whassup with nexting Merge?” You’re standing in line for ice cream, at the bank, the hardware store, TJ Max when they call out next. But instead of moving up to take the call you decide to be next again and let the person behind you go up. People appreciate people that do nexting. Try it every now and then it’ll make you feel good. OK, we’ve all seen the text acronyms LOL (laughing out loud) BFF (best friend forever) and many others too numerous to mention here but I thought you might like to see some of the acronyms that texting seniors are using these days and what they mean. R U ready? BTW bring the wheel chair, GGPBL gotta go pace maker battery low, LOL living on Lipitor, LMDO laughing my dentures out, ATD at the doctors, CFMS can’t find my socks, CRWIG can’t remember where I’m going (frequently sent from airports) PSMSDFMP play some more Snoop Dog for me please (sent frequently when being driven to the ER). That’s because the ER driver’s listening to Snoop Dog and you want to keep him happy. CU on FB.

Most of the security firms ADT, Guardian, Alarm Zone and hundreds of others throughout the country charge anywhere from $25 a month to over a $100 a month depending on what system you lease. Is there a system that works almost as perfect, that guarantees criminals will pass up your home when you’re gone and not cost a dime? Yes there is it’s called the Southern Boys Home Security System and here’s how it works (3 easy steps)

Go to the Goodwill and buy a pair of size 14-16 men's work boots and dirty them up real good.

2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns and Ammo Magazine. (wrinkle it up a tad)

3. put four giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazines (buy a small bag of dog food sprinkle a few bits around the dishes, it’ll need replaced every week or so then add a tad of water in one dish) Add a picture of your Pit Bulls Killer and Wolfe and your two German Shepherds Mayhem and Moose on your front storm door. Google has great scary dog pictures. That should do it

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