Merge Wright: This Story Has A Nice Ring To It


This story has a nice ring to it.

When my wife and I started dating in 1966 one of the first things we seemed to agree on was neither of us were into fancy bracelets, rings or jewelry, period. If we ever would get serious it would not be the gold or diamond that mattered only the unit itself that represented our love for each other. We adhered to our feelings by spending a total of $175 for both hers and mine in 1967. We always wore them 24 hours a day for 49 years. Coming out of Kroger’s in Defiance, Ohio back in November of 2017 at 7:30PM in light rain and 38 degrees I glanced at my left hand while opening our car door to notice my wedding band was gone. 

Holy moly our 50th wedding anniversary was just a few weeks away. We both went into “Must Find Immediately” mode. When, where did it fall off? Back through Kroger’s we went, every aisle tracing our steps and back out to the parking lot walking through the rain puddles. In seconds my wife yelled out, “Oh my god it’s here in this puddle.” We were so happy it was a blessing. Our 50th with both our symbols of love still with us. That was a close one. When we got home my wife had me remove the ring to let her use clear nail polish on the inside of the ring to fatten it up a tad so it wouldn’t fall off again. She had read about that fix in a ladies magazine months before. A couple coats did it and all was well for the future. 

My concern at the moment was why are my fingers slimming down and getting skinny? I’ll have to ask Dr. Google “Do your fingers get skinny in your 70s” and see what he says. Our 50th wedding celebration was magnificent with many family members present and both rings smiling at us. The years continued to pass and all was going great until last year 2020. Again in late November my wedding band getting ready to celebrate year 53 ran off somewhere and on someday that I was not aware of. I searched and searched for weeks around our condo and in our cars to no avail. Number 53 was just a few days away I had to do something. My wife had no idea it was missing in action. A new winter jacket was badly needed and Kohl’s had them on sale. Off I scurried for a quick find and buy. When heading to the sale area I noticed 65% off at the jewelry counter. Today’s my day to grab a new band and that I did for a super reasonable price and it fit perfect. 

Our 53rd went great but I was still searching for the original. I was sure it had to be here somewhere. The pandemic kept us at home 90% of the time. Corona was not going to be part of our life. It was a few days later and 2021 made its presence and wife noticed the ring was a bit different. That happens when you look at something continually instead for a few seconds. I explained what happened and that it will show up I’m sure in the months to come. It’s hiding somewhere in the house enjoying itself being free from my finger after all those years. Life goes on. 

Our oldest son age 52 is staying with us temporarily and hopes to find a house soon that he can call his own. He needed to pack up some of his stuff to move over to his storage locker and needed a box. There were several empty boxes in the garage, grab one I said. He did and to make sure it was empty he shook it a couple times and heard what sounded like maybe a coin under one of the flaps in the bottom. Reached in and pulled out my ring but he didn’t know whose it was so he gave it to his mom and she screamed in joy “It’s your dad’s wedding band that he’s been looking for since November.” The box had been sitting on a stack of boxes next to our trash can. Evidently when I was loading the trash can opening it with my left hand then throwing the trash in with my right hand my left arm twisted hard and the ring went flying into the box. Back to normal. 

My band and my wife’s wedding ring are now snuggled in a special box and put away. Her two tiny diamonds disappeared earlier in 2020 and have still not been found. A special ring will replace it in the very near future. Wonder what’s next? You’d think when you reach your late 70’s things would get a little easier. Nah, same as always. They probably mean your late 80’s I’m sure. Keep the faith always. 

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