Merge Wright: 2020 I Had A Vision


It was one of the strangest years of life here in the USA. Pandemic stole the show killing several hundreds of thousands in our 50 states. And it’s going to be a long time before normal returns.

One of the most difficult parts of life during a pandemic is not being able to socialize with people. Lock him up, lock her up, lock them up. You can no longer shop for groceries, clothes, or be a regular at your favorite restaurant with out being masked and 6, feet away from others. No hugs, kisses, fist bumps. Smiles only, no touching allowed. 

Thank God for Face Book we are all living on line visiting friends and family. Drive thrus, meals to go ordered on line are the norm for most families. Grocery shopping on line with pick up in the parking lot or home delivered but with mistakes and errors occasionally. Work from home, great idea maybe. Being with each other no one else for days, weeks on end. Guys shaving once a week or once a month, while changing clothes every 3 or 4 days. Getting a haircut once a year. Hell no one sees you out anymore.  Are you loving yourself more each day or are you filled with depression all alone in your thoughts and ideas? What can I do where can I go to bring light into my life during this darkness?

Television, smart phones, internet all help but can not replace social activity with friends and family. I visit the recreation center twice a day for a half hour each time. I walk two miles minimum and enjoy the peace and energy each day. Most of the time there’s no one else there. I have the track to myself and down below in the two gyms and workout areas there are only 2 or 3 individuals exercising. Your temperature is checked and you must be masked no exceptions when you check in. All areas are thoroughly cleaned every 90 minutes and equipment after every use. I feel 100% safe.

On days when they are closed Holidays I mask up and hit Kroger’s with a two week shopping list. It keeps my daily mileage in line. We can and will make it my friends. Be careful, wear a mask and stay your distance and the tomorrow you have been waiting for will return. It’s not a hoax or a joke it’s real. 

I wish you all a wonderful New Year on Friday and may God be with you in 2021.

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