Food Review: OinkADoodleMoo


I like eating chicken wings while I am watching football.  There are a lot of places in the area where you can get chicken wings.  I decided to order wings from OinkADoodleMoo today and I had them delivered using DoorDash.  

I've had food from OinkADoodleMoo before and I knew it was good food at a great price.  I was able to get five wings, two ribs and a side dish for less than $10.  

One reason I like wings from OinkADoodleMoo is they are one of few places in the area who offer smoked wings.  Anyone who knows me that I love smoked food.  I prefer the taste of the smoked wings, but smoked wings are also healthier than deep-fried wings.  I know there are some wing lovers out there are love wing sauces.  I am usually one of them, but these Applewood smoked wings are so delicious I don't want to cover up the natural smoked flavor with a sauce.  There are some sauces on the menu.  They sound really good and I am sure I will get around to trying them someday.  Their sauce offerings include a mustard-based sauce and a spicy strawberry sauce.

The ribs are really meaty.  When I ordered this combo meal for the first time, I didn't expect them to be so big.  The meat is so tender that the meat will almost fall off the bone.  These ribs are aren't messy and they are delicious.

OinkADoodleMoo has several sides.  I ordered the roasted potatoes today and they came with large portions.  These potatoes had a great flavor. 

This combo was great and it was a lot of food.    

There is a lot more on the OinkADoodleMoo menu than wings, ribs and potatoes.  I want to try some of their other options like their brisket.  Like many fans of smoked food, I love sitting down to a plate of brisket.  They also have smoked pork shoulder on the menu.  I'm sure that the mustard-based sauce, which is called YellaBelly, would be great on it.  

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