Kickstarter Party For Graphic Novel To Be Held Saturday At The Barrel


Art by Brian Neiford.

A new graphic novel will be available soon.  Monsters: The Forsaken will be a 12-issue graphic novel and the first three issues of it will be available at the first Kickstarter party for the graphic novel, which will be held at The Barrel in Springboro on Saturday.  

The party, which will be held in The Barrel's private party room between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.will be a family-friendly event.  According to the Facebook page for Monsters: The Forsaken, one issue will be donated to a comic shop for every issue that is supported by a donor on Kickstarter.

Creator Brian Neiford said he was driving down a road with a bunch of abandoned factories on it on an overcast October night about 10 years ago.  He said it had a really creepy vibe and a weird idea popped into his head about Nazi werewolves.   "I have no idea why, and thankfully that idea has gone by the wayside, but that was what started this whole thing," he said.

It wasn't long before Neiford said that he started thinking about Dracula being a hero instead of a villian.     In the story, Frankenstein's monster is Dracula's longtime friend and he becomes another hero in the story.  "Once I brought Frankenstein‘s monster in the story, it gave me an avenue to pursue a different villain that I hadn’t thought about before. It really caused the story to grow to something that I thought would be fun for people and surprising," he said.

Neiford said he has been a horror fan all of his life.  "Some of my fondest memories are of me on Saturday afternoons watching black-and-white universal monsters horror movies on the TV," he said.

People who attend the Kickstarter party on Saturday will be able to get some limited edition posters. which he will give away free and sign.  Neiford said that people who attend the party will also get a graphic novel, which they can't get anywhere else.  "People should attend it because we wanna get our story out there.  We want to give them a chance to get things that they might not get somewhere else and I want people to get to know me and my idea for the story," he said.  

Neiford said he chose The Barrel for the Kickstarter party because they’ve always been supporters of his idea and they offered to allow them to use the private room to have an event, adding that they donated food for people who come. "I want to help The Barrel do well, in these Covid times they’re suffering, and I think the people that attend that purchase drinks might help their business that day," he said.

The Barrel is located at 857 W. Central Avenue in Springboro.  

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