Springboro High School Volleyball Player Breaks School Record


Photo was posted on the Springboro Panthers Volleyball account on Twitter.

Kaitlyn Brown, who is a varsity volleyball player at Springboro High School, broke the record for all-time career assists earlier this week. It is a record that Brown said she has been eyeing, but she didn't realize she was so close to breaking it.

Brown, a junior, was expecting that she would break the record during her senior year. "Last year, I had calculated out a good estimate on how many assists I would need this season to be in a good position to break the career assists record my senior year. That definitely motivated me to want to get as many assists as possible each game, but I would not say it was a distraction because I was not really aware of how close I was to breaking the record at this point," she said.

Brown said all of her volleyball coaches have pushed her.  "I am thankful that I have always had coaches that hold me to high standards and do not let me slack off when I am settling for less," she said. "I am super thankful for my high school coach, Pam Coffin, who is now coaching me for my third year. She is always looking out for me during games to let me know how to best succeed and get the job done well.  She is definitely a big part of me breaking this goal because she constantly holds me accountable for getting good sets to my hitters, for them to then turn into kills and give me an assist."

While Coffin has been a huge part of her success at SHS, Brown said she is super thankful for every coach who has worked with her and helped her to develop her skills. She also said that her teammates definitely push her to be better. "Being a part of a team consists of holding each other accountable and supporting one another always," she said.

Brown said she has always had great experiences with all of her teammates and she said she is very lucky for that. "Setters and hitters especially have a relationship of pushing each other to be better and giving feedback on what needs to change to be able to make better plays in the future," she said.  "I have loved all my teammates over the years and am super thankful for the ones who have supported me and helped me break this record by getting all of their amazing kills."

Brown said she is planning on continuing her volleyball career after high school. "I am in the middle of my recruiting process right now and am very excited to see where I will end up," she said.

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