Farrah Rudd: Depression Part 2


Depression Part

“Pain or suffering of any kind, if long continued, causes depression and lessens the power of action, yet it is well adapted to make a creature guard itself against any great or sudden evil.” ~ Charles Darwin

Depression has been historically hard to diagnose because there is no laboratory test, biopsy or imaging results that go along with it. Other mental health concerns that mimic depression are hypothyroidism: Hypercalcemia, vitamin D deficiency and diabetes just to name a few. I could go on and on about any of these heavy topics that mimic depression. And I will another time. Definitely on my podcast that’s coming very soon.  For now you can find me on IG - https://instagram.com/straighttothepoint_withfarrah?igshid=1an4yjb7b96cl - and Facebook at straight to the point.. with Farrah. I am eager and excited to continue this journey with my readers, my friends & colleagues! Be sure to continue with the feedback I’ve been receiving & remember helping me navigate these issues helps everyone of us.

Coping skills with depression:

#1 Giving yourself grace

#2 High- five yourself in the mirror, you can do this!

#3 Naps!

#4 Managing your time

#5 and friends whether you feel like it or not we’ve got to exercise!

Are you aware of how much food affects your feelings? How much do you pay attention to what you eat? In the past I have done a food journal and it’s helped greatly to reflect on & pay attention to how I feel after eating. Whether it’s an apple, something very heavy like pasta or dairy. You would be very surprised if you start with a clean slate just how much what you eat affects you & your feelings.

Did you ever think there would be a value to feeling sad or depressed? It’s sort of like being in the valley and being at the bottom of the barrel in life. Feeling as though there’s nowhere to turn and nothing to look forward to. Without feeling hopeless and helpless or sad how would we know what happiness, brightness or joy felt like? I don’t think I’m saying there’s a value to being depressed or sad but I am saying there’s definitely value in learning a lesson that life is not always fair or even great. We are always going to have ups and downs. Learning ourselves and the way our body or feelings react & respond is key. So next time you go through something, depression or not, take note. After all, helping yourself will help someone else.

I’m here for you friend.

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