Hamilton Native Brady Seals Releases Memoir


Photo Credit: Deni Baker.

Brady Seals, who is probably best known for being a lead singer of Little Texas, has recently released a memoir called God Blessed Texas & Me Too. He has also recorded a new version of the hit song “God Blessed Texas”.

Seals said he’s been able to reflect on what is important over the years and he knows that he has been blessed. “Even though I have gone through a lot of hardships, tests and trials…I just realized that God’s been with me the whole time,” he said. That knowledge inspired him to write the book.

Seals said he has spent his life playing music and he wanted to give something to the Lord. He starts each chapter with a verse from Scripture. He said he would write the chapter and then he would start searching for a verse to go along with it. “God leads you in the direction you need to go in.”

The end of each chapter is what Seals said was probably the hardest part of the book to write. It was there that he tried to give a take-away from the chapter. Seals said writing the book was therapeutic for him.

Anyone who followed the career of Seals through his days with Little Texas, his solo career or his time with Hot Apple Pie will likely enjoy the behind-the-scenes look that the book provides. At its core, this book is the honest story of a man who was given some really cool opportunities and faced some challenges along the way.

When asked if Little Texas intentionally released songs with a positive message, he said he thinks it was just a part of them, adding that he and his band mates were not bad kids or rebel rousers. “We didn’t want to put things out that would steer people in the wrong way. Hopefully, that came across in our music,” he said.

Seals said he wasn’t always a fan of all the songs that Little Texas released. That was the case with “Some Guys Have All The Love,” which was the band’s debut single and first top 10 hit. He said that the label wanted to go with it and he was pleasantly surprised that it did so well.

“God Blessed Texas” was a different story. Seals said he had a feeling about that song. He recalled that the song would always get a big reaction when they played it at shows, regardless of where they were playing. “If we played it in Idaho singing about God blessed Texas, people still reacted well with it,” he said.

In addition to his music, Seals was also open about his battle with anxiety and the role it played in his departure from Little Texas.

The events in this book start in 1991, which was the year that Little Texas released their first single. Seals expressed interest telling his story leading up to that time.

“God Blessed Texas & Me Too” is currently available. The book can be purchased in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. It is currently a free read for people with a Kindle Unlimited membership. The new version of “God Blessed Texas” is available on digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

More information about Seals can be found at www.bradyseals.com.

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