Business Spotlight: Harmony Healing Arts


What is your name?  Erica Collins

What is your job title?  Owner Harmony Healing Arts, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga & Dance Instructor

What is the name of your business?  Harmony Healing Arts

How long have you owned the business?  6 years, one year at our Franklin Location

What service do you provide to your customers?  Yoga, Dance, Barre classes Kids thru adult! Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Therapy, Acupuncture, Organic Skin Care, Amrita Essential Oils and detoxifying mud baths.

How do you decide what products or events will be offered to customers?  I learn about each student's/client's needs, issues, injuries and can suggest or select out of our wonderful wellness classes, products and services what item or combination of items help them to reach their goals!  

What was your vision when you started the business?  Helping people integrate a mind/body/Spirit connection using these ancient, scientifically proven practices. Literally, healing the planet one mind at a time! 

Since you have owned the business, what accomplishment makes you the most proud?  I offer classes on and off site, often teaching yoga for corporations who wish to gift their employees with health and wellness as well as working with schools and non profits to bring yoga, dance, clinical hypnotherapy and mindfulness to high risk youth and teens that otherwise would not be able to afford such services. Helping adults and especially children find a safe space within themselves to observe their thoughts and emotions, learn to control their negative impulses, build self esteem and master their minds to achieve success is just such a blessing! Covid has been quite a struggle to those of us in the fitness industry. We are BEYOND blessed to be keeping our doors open and so grateful to the community for their continued support! That is a big accomplishment I am so grateful for! 

What is your most popular product or service?  Our Yoga for Kids class is growing and the kids just love it! Adult Dance classes have been so much fun and the adult dancers are getting fit and healthy at the same time! Also, Barre Conditioning and the All Level Vinyasa classes are a great workout. We also have Gentle Yoga mat and Chair Yoga classes too! There really is something for EVERY fitness level! 

What is something new that customer can look forward to seeing at your business in 2021?  We are ready to offer children's dance classes on Thursday nights and a second Yoga for Kids class on Sat.! We just need the interest and enrollment to do so. Also, many workshops that we had to omit due to covid will be back in force as restrictions are lifted and more students come back to class. We are following all protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will also be adding more adult yoga classes later in the year! 

What kind of charities or non-profit organizations does your business support?  At Harmony Healing Arts we offer an Open Heart Scholarship Program for students’ families needing financial relief. This helps us to fund all or portion of tuition or healing services to those less fortunate. Anyone can donate to this fund and all monies go toward families in need. We also have a Discount Dance program where all dance supply orders placed thru our studio ID allow us to earn monies that go toward children's dance costumes, shoes for class etc. It's a great program I'm excited to share and Erica donates her time teaching these students so the funds go farther. To donate, email Erica at for more information. 

What would you like to say to your customers?  Thank you, thank you! I am so honored you entrust me with your yoga practice, health and wellness! YOU are the reason we're here, doing what we do, to help ourselves and others live our BEST life! I am just blown away at the loving, supporting community and compassion our students have for each other. You help me to create our supportive, uplifting community, each and EVERY day! 

How can people contact you?  Please include address, phone number, website and social media accounts. Our Yoga/Dance studio and acupuncture offerings are located at 402 S. Main St. Franklin, OH 45005. Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki services are offered at our Middletown location, 1014 N. University Blvd., Middletown, OH 45042 ., 513-424-4730,, Facebook:@harmonyohio , Instagram:ericacollinsco, Twitter: @Erica_HHA

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