Business Spotlight: Heather's Coffee and Cafe


What is your name?  Heather Sukola 

What is your job title?  Owner

What is the name of your business?  Heather's Coffee & Cafe

How long have you owned the business?  November 2009 - 11+ years

What service do you provide to your customers?  We do a little of everything. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Coffee Shop - Full Service Bar - On & Off Site Catering - Music Venue 

How do you decide what products or events will be offered to customers?  That is something that I work on with my Supervisors & suggestions from customers.

What was your vision when you started the business?  Opening in 2009 my vision was to have this cute little place where customers could gather with their friends & family for a great cup of coffee, some nibbles or a great glass of wine. My oh my how things have changed.

Since you have owned the business, what accomplishment makes you the most proud?  There have been many over the years. But during this crazy time AKA Covid .. We are still standing tall.

What is your most popular product or service?  Our most popular product is hands down the Nay Nay Sandwich .. & of course our 6000 sq. ft. patio.

What is something new that customer can look forward to seeing at your business in 2021?  We are always looking for the next thing that sets us apart or adds something that makes our customers experience even more memorable. Each year we add something new whether it is to our menu, our patio or inside. This year we will be concentrating on fine tuning our menu & adding ... do I dare say it ... Burgers !! 

What kind of charities or non-profit organizations does your business support?  I have always been a huge supporter of really anyone or any organization in need. We do multiple baskets for fundraisers, Monetary donations & volunteer time. 

What would you like to say to your customers?  We would not be the establishment we are today without the amazing support they have given us for over 11 years. It truly is a place where friends become family. IN a time when so many businesses are struggling, the amount of support that this community has given is unbelievable. "Thank You " just doesn't seem like enough. 

How can people contact you?  Please include address, phone number, website and social media accounts.Heather's Coffee & Cafe 505 South Main St Springboro Ohio - 937-550-9511 .. Facebook Heatherscafe ... Instagram @sassyleu

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