12 Incumbents Have Pulled Petitions For Local Offices In 2021

It may be only January, but some people are getting ready to run for public office in November.  12 of the 17 who are running are incumbents.  

In order to be on the ballot in November, a potential candidate has to go to the Warren County Board Of Election and pull petitions.   The person will have to get the signatures of registered voters.  The number of signature needed varies depending on the office being sought and the population of the place where they are running.  They will turn those into the Board Of Elections.  The signatures will be checked.  If everything is correct, they will become an official candidate.  The deadline to file for the November election is August 4.  

The following candidates have already pulled their petitions:

Fred Anness has pulled petitions for the Warren County Educational Service Center.  Anness is an incumbent.  

Henry Hardee and Charles Galvin have pulled petitions to run for the Mason City Schools  Board Of Education.  Galvin is an incumbent.  

William Jason Fisher and Scott Warren Hagemeyer have pulled petitions to run for Washington Township trustee.  Fisher is the only candidate in Warren County who has filed.  Both Fisher and Hagemeyer are incumbents.  

Steve Muterspaw has pulled petitions to run for Clearcreek Township trustee.  Muterspaw is an incumbent.  

Daniel Prince has pulled petitions to run for Turtlecreek Township trustee.  

Matthew Jennings and C. Shane Centers have pulled petitions to run for Franklin Township trustee.  Both Centers and Jennings are incumbents.  

Martin Hubbell has pulled petitions to run for Municipal Court Judge in Lebanon.  If Hubbell files, he will also have to run in the primary race in May.  He will have to file by Feb. 3 in order to be om the ballot in May.  

Jeff Freeze and Marcus Shelton have pulled petitions to run for Harlan Township trustee.  Shelton is an incumbent.  

Ralph Blanton and R. Heath Kilburn have pulled petitions to run for Salem Township trustee.  Both Blanton and Kilburn are incumbents.  

Darryl Cordrey and Joe Rozzi have pulled petitions for Hamilton Township trustee.   Both Cordrey and Rozzi are incumbents.  

Nathan A. Muterspaw has pulled petitions for Wayne Township trustee.  

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