OPINION: I'd Like To Get My COVID-19 Vaccine At Carlisle Pharmacy


With a couple exceptions, I've used major pharmacies during most of my life.  I only wanted to have a convenient pharmacy where I could get my medicine for a fair price.  I wanted to have a place where I felt confident that they were giving me the correct medications and good advice on how to take it.  There are a lot of pharmacies around that meet those criteria.

One day, I needed medicine and really didn't want to go out to get it.  I knew that Carlisle Pharmacy delivered, so I called them.  It was much easier than I thought to transfer my prescription to them and have it delivered.  It wasn't just a one time thing.  Carlisle Pharmacy is now the pharmacy that I prefer to use.  It is a hometown pharmacy and the people there care about me.  They have gotten to know me and they are so helpful with all my prescription needs.  They even contact the doctor for me if there is an issue with insurance if I need a refill.  

Now that I will soon be eligible to take the COVID-19 vaccine because of pre-existing conditions.  While some people are nervous about the vaccine, I am ready to take mine as soon as it is permitted and available.  I will go where I need to go to get it, but I would like to be able to go to Carlisle Pharmacy.   Right now, only the only place in Warren County to get the vaccine are Atrium Medical Center, Discount Drug Mart, Kroger Pharmacy and the Warren County Health Department.  

I'm not blaming Carlisle Pharmacy for not carrying the vaccine.  I don't blame the Warren County Health Department or those supplying the vaccine, either.   I don't know everything that goes into being able to give the vaccine, but I am pretty confident that it is not as simple as having the vaccine and giving it.  From what I understand, it has to be kept at a certain temperature before it has given and it is only good for a little while after it some doses are thawed.  Any doses that aren't given in that time period can't be used.  It's not as simple as giving the flu vaccine.  

I do understand the reasons, but I think it would be great if hometown pharmacies, such as Carlisle Pharmacy, could give their customers the COVID-19 vaccine.  

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