Can You Change Your Vote In Ohio?


There must be a lot of people in the United States searching for information about changing their vote.  Apparently, the Google search "Can I change my vote?" is trending.  This may be a bigger issue this year because millions of people have already voted.  

In fact, there are some state that allow people to cast two (0r more) absentee ballots.  One of those states is Wisconsin.  The United States Supreme Court decided on Monday that officials must stop counting ballots on election night.   

There is a rule in Ohio that a voter cannot request another ballot once their original ballot has been scanned.  If you show up to vote in person after requesting an absentee ballot, the website for the Ohio Secretary of State indicates you will be given a provisional ballot.  If you are asked to vote provisionally, it means that your voter eligibility has to be verified before your vote can be counted.  One of the potential reasons listed on the website for having to vote with a provisional ballot is voting in-person after requesting an absentee ballot.  

There is apparently no state that will allow voters to change their vote after they vote in-person.

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