VoteAmerica: "Voter Suppression Is Real"


VoteAmerica, a website dedicated to getting people to vote, typically sends out at least one e-mail per day to users who have signed up on their website.  An e-mail sent out tonight informing people about a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court.  Apparently, the highest court in the land ruled that officials in the state of Wisconsin must stop counting absentee ballots at 8 p.m. on election night.  The e-mail called the action voter suppression and also said that over 1.3 million voters in Wisconsin had requested an absentee ballot. 

At least three of the e-mails sent out last week said that voter suppression was real and it was a threat to our democracy.  Examples given in the e-mails of voter suppression included some voters wrongly being polled from voter rolls, absentee ballots not being sent out,  and a ballot box being set on fire.

These e-mail asked for voters to donate money to help them fight voter suppression.  Those donations are being processed by ActBlue, an organization that raises money for Democratic candidates.  

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