Presidential Nominee Howie Hawkins Would Support Impeaching Trump Again To Stop Barrett's Confirmation


Howie Hawkins. Campaign Photo.

When people in Warren County cast their vote for President of the United States this year, there will be four choices. In addition to President Donald Trump being the nominee for the Republican party and Former Vice President Joe Biden being the nominee for the Democrat party, Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the nominee for the Libertarian party and Howie Hawkins is the nominee for the Green party.

If you were unaware that there were more than two candidates for President, you aren't alone. There is currently a rule that states a candidate can't participate in Presidential debates unless the poll numbers show that at least 15 percent of the people support them. The Libertarian and Green parties went to court earlier this year in an effort to get that rule changed, but they were unsuccessful. As a result, only Trump and Biden are featured in the debates.

Warren County Online News will publish articles over the next couple of weeks about the third-party candidates to help voters be more informed about their stance on many of the important issues. Warren County Online News does not endorse any candidate.

Howie Hawkins, who is the presidential candidate for the Green Party, said that he believes the Democrats should put up a lot more resistance to Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  The Senate's Judiciary Committee is now holding hearings on Barrett, which included three days of her answering their questions.   If confirmed, Barrett would fill the seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg last month.

"They might impeach President Trump and Attorney General Barr for trying to sabotage the election," Hawkins said, adding that Trump has made statements about mail-in ballots and he feels that they are basically sabotaging the postal service. "The question of whether mail-in ballots will get back in time is now a question. I think there's grounds right there," he said.

Hawkins said impeachment proceedings take precedence over any other proceedings in Congress.  "That's something they could do if they really wanted to fight back, but it seems they are just going through with the process and resigned to the fact that Trump's going to get another appointee a few weeks before the election," he said.  

Hawkins said that he would be in favor on impeaching Trump right now.  "I think he's got a rap sheet a mile long," he said, adding that the impeachment they did earlier this year was very narrow.  Hawkins said that he believes Trump could be impeached on many grounds including encouraging law enforcement to violate laws, self-enrichment, and nepotism, adding that financial crimes will probably come out after Trump's taxes are released.  He said  they could have built a case that Trump was hurting workers, consumers and the environment, but they focused narrowly on the Ukraine.  "Most Americans can't even find Ukraine on the map," he said.

"The idea of impeaching Trump and Barr at this point is basically a way for the Democrats to fight back against ramming this appointment through right before the election," Hawkins said, adding that he thinks it might make the Republicans think that they should wait until after the election. "I don't know how it will play out, but I feel like the Democrats aren't using everything they can to resist this," he said.

Some Democrats have said they would favor packing the court, or adding more justices to the Supreme Court, if the Republicans are successful at getting Trump's third Supreme Court nominee confirmed.  Hawkins said he's open to packing the court.  "I'm open to that," he said.  "I think they have some justification. Like I said, I think the Republicans are basically stealing two seats on the court the way they handled Merrick Garland and the way they are handling this."

Hawkins is also in favor of cutting back the power of the Supreme Court. "It's become like this super legislative council and it's not very democratic," he said.  "And the Constitution does provide for Congress to limit the authority and scope of the decisions that the Supreme Court can make.  That's one avenue."

Hawkins said another way would be to have term limits for Supreme Court Justices.  "I think there are a number of things we could do to re-balance the judiciary with the legislative and executive branches," he said.

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