DeWine Vows To Veto Bill That Would Limit Ohio Governor's Ability To Quarantine


The Ohio Senate has passed Senate Bill 311, which would prevents Ohio governors and health departments from issuing quarantine orders against people who aren't sick or had exposure to a health risk such as COVID-19.

It is expected to be one step in limiting the power of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine or any Ohio governor when dealing with a heath crisis.  Some people believe that Gov. DeWine and then-Director of the Ohio Dept. of Health Amy Acton did not have the authority to issue stay-at-home orders in March.   

In order to become a law, it would require DeWine signature.  DeWine has already said he would veto the bill.  DeWine responded to a question about Senate Bill 311 during his briefing last Thursday by saying that people who voted for the bill are his friends and they believe they are doing the right thing.  "This bill cannot become law," he said, adding that it would make it impossible for a future governor or a future health department to deal with an emerging crisis.  "More importantly, it would not be in the best interest of Ohioians as far as their health," DeWine said.  

DeWine provided an example:  "Let's say it was early on in this pandemic and let's say the President of the United States had not yet imposed an order stopping flights coming in from China...Let's say you had a group of citizens who came in from Wuhan.  You mean the state should not have the ability to quarantine these people?  That makes absolutely no sense."

"Yes of course I will veto the bill.  This makes absolutely no sense," DeWine said.

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