It is less than 40 days until Election Day.  

In response to a question last week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said one of things we have done well throughout history is the transfer of power.  ""In the end, we will have a president. It's going to the incumbent or it's going to be the challenger. It's going to be Joe Biden or it's going to be Donald Trump...Those who lose will accept it because that's what we do in America," DeWine said during the briefing.  

Lt. Governor Jon Husted said during the briefing Ohio has a history of running great elections.  "We have a great bipartisan system in our state.  We have 88 county boards of elections.  The elections are run by the local boards of elections," he said, adding that the ballots are cast and counted locally. 

There is a board of elections in each of Ohio's 88 counties. Husted said each board of elections has a director and a deputy director.  director and a deputy director of that board of elections.  One of those individuals is a Democrat and the other is a Republican.  "There is a check and balance at our local boards of elections where Democrats and Republicans look over each other's shoulders, hold each other accountable.   We have a strong tradition in Ohio of running good, bipartisan, fair elections and I am confident that will happen this year as well," Husted said during a briefing.  

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