Court Ends Brooke Skylar Richardson's Probation


Brooke Skylar Richardson appeared in the Warren County Court House in Lebanon to seek an early end to her three-year-probation.  Judge Don Oda II, who is the same judge who sentenced her, waived the remainder of her probation.  She has served 14 months of her three-year probation sentence.  Richardson and her baby's paternal grandmother were among those who spoke at this morning's short hearing.

Richardson was accused of having a baby in her bathroom, who she named Annabelle, and burying the her in the back yard.  The former Carlisle High School cheerleader was questioned by police and eventually arrested in 2017.  Prosecutors argued that she had murdered the infant, while Richardson said that the baby was stillborn.  

Richardson was charged with aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, endangering a child and abuse of a corpse.  Prosecutors offered to drop the aggravated murder charge if she would plead guilty to the other charges, but she turned down the deal.   Jurors acquitted Richardson from all charges except abuse of a corpse.  Judge Oda II sentenced her to time served and three years of probation.  

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